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Our financial services and products are for medium-high income investors. Today, they are accessible almost exclusively to institutional and ultra-high net-worth investors (UHNWI).

With a complete structure for on-demand service, we offer investment options to generate value in the medium and long term, with a focus on wealth preservation. Our strategy is to build allweather portfolios, capable of performing in all scenarios. We specialize in legal claims, structured multimarket funds and variable income funds - all with long track records. We also have an offshore investment strategy.

Performance Culture

An agile decision-making structure works as a pillar for obtaining consistent returns and preserving assets.

Communication & Partnership

We seek to create a relationship of partnership with investors, maintaining constant communication to align expectations and needs.

Corporate Values

Business is conducted with a strict sense of ethics and transparency in defense of investors' best interests.

Mission, Vision and Values
that guide Acura Capital


Generate long-term value for our clients with investments in alternative and traditional assets globally. Always cultivating a good relationship with them as well as with partners. Our purpose is to deliver a personalized work with qualified professionals to an specific public of investors, communicating security and transparency to our clients.​


Known as one of the best Management Assets in the world by its expertise and high performance in the Structured Funds. Always acting with high ethical standards.


Ethics in relationships / Balance and great results / Overcoming challenges is in our DNA / Well-structured processes / Agile execution / Commitment and team spirit / Continuous search for innovation / Transparency / Excellence / Cooperation / Plurality


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Acura Capital 
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Personalized investments to suit medium-high risks investors and manage their resources to ​
maximize value and preserve long-term equity.

Fundamentalist Analysis

Monitoring national and international
and international markets to build macroeconomic scenarios.

Investment Thesis

Construction of allocation assumptions based on the macroeconomic scenario to identify opportunities.

Portfolio Analysis

Structured process for adapting investment theses to the objectives and risk tolerance levels of portfolios.

Risk Management

Definition and monitoring of metrics
for control and mitigation of the risks assumed by an independent area.


Implementation of allocation strategies, always seeking execution under the best market conditions.


Constant monitoring and validation of the strategies adopted according to changes in market behavior.

Strategic positioning in the brazilian financial core: Sao Paulo (Brazil)

We work with national and international funds

Fernando Luiz de Senna Figueiredo
Management Director

Economist with a FGV Master's degree. During his career, he was responsible for managing portfolios and structuring funds at institutions such as XP Investimentos, Sinqia Fundos e Controladoria, Cygnus Asset Gestão de Recursos, Prosper Bank, among other Assets and Resource Administrators, along with credit structuring.

Board of Directors​

André Carvalho
Portfolio Director

Economist and Master in Economics at FGV, has 15 years experience in the financial market, 10 of which are as a portfolio manager for great institutional investors, administrating fixed income, equity, multimarket, real estate and overseas investment funds. He worked at XP Investimentos, Prosper Bank, Fundação Atlântico and Fundação Libertas before joining the Acura team.